Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the Yama Tribe! We’re so happy to have you on our BRAND NEW website dedicated to custom yoga products, mindful lifestyles, and community building.

We are a small, family-run business based out of San Diego, California and Trenton, New Jersey. Yama Tribe was created out of our passion for yoga and our confidence that regular practice can improve your quality of life. Our products are meant to help you create a practice for yourself that is completely customized to you. Our community page is meant to help you find support in that practice.

We are so excited about launching our NEW WEBSITE!  Make sure to check out our awesome ‘design your own’ yoga mats and other personalized products we have now! SUPER excited to see all the cool things everyone is going to make.  I know personally I’m going to put some fine art on mine.  You can find some free fine art backgrounds if you press LEFT on the background library to go to the end pages.  All 100% included, no extra charge to use our free artwork libraries!  Have fun with it and we’ll see you in the studio 🙂