Happy 2019 to everyone!  We’ve got some great new products on the site this year (in addition to custom yoga mats).  You can now make awesome custom apparel, too!

Custom Yoga T Shirts and Tanks
Check out our tanks and t-shirts, they’re all very nice material (soft tri blend materials).  It’s important to be comfortable during your yoga sessions, and a nice tri-blend fabric always does the trick.  With an athletic fit but really nice and soft materials, our shirts are perfect for any yoga session to maintain a nice relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

Personalized Yoga Pants
Our yoga pants are not the same as our leggings.  They’re designed to stay up with a high waste, and stay comfortable while delivering performance, but the graphics printed on them are designed by you!  Make your own funky, fun, funny, spacey, colorful, or any other style of pants you want.  Have fun with it and create something that you will love for years to come.  The graphics will not wash off and our pants are 100% washing machine safe.

Design Your Own
Just like with our custom mats, you can design your own custom shirts right here on our website with no minimums.  This is great for anyone who wants to personalize their gear with custom text, logos, sayings, pictures, or anything that can spice up your wardrobe or that of someone special as a thoughtful gift.  Use the tools right on our website to create your own custom yoga apparel and add custom text, upload photos, choose custom colors, and more.

Get Started
To get started with your own custom yoga apparel, head over to our shops section and check out our catalog!

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