The Yama Tribe was founded to be a business and a community guided by the same lifestyle that we promote. Our business practices and our community goals are rooted in the same 5 Yamas of yoga that we try to carry throughout our daily life.

Yama Yoga

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise. In fact Asana, or yoga postures, is just one of the eight limbs of yoga philosophy. ‘Yama’ which means ‘not’ or ‘abstinence’ is the first and foundational limb of yoga. There are 5 Yamas which are meant to guide the ways we interact with the world around us and our inner selves. Practicing the Yamas is meant to bring us a consistent sense of peace that comes from within and does not rely on the actions of others.

1. Ahimsa (Non-Harming)

Ahimsa is the practice of non-harming and non-violence. It is the first and most important Yama because it is at the core of all yoga philosophy. Every other yama and niyama relies on Ahimsa. Yoga can help to bring you more connected to the world around you and your inner self, and ultimately to the realization that what exists inside of you is what exists inside of everyone else. The natural progression of yoga practice creates the desire to do no harm because we are all part of one system, world, and universe.

The Yama Tribe strives to live and conduct business according to Ahimsa. We actively seek to make our products as eco-friendly and safe for our customers as possible.

2. Satya (Truthfulness)

Satya very literally means the act of truthfulness. It asks that we show up every day to our practice as truthfully as possible. Often we see ourselves and the world for what we should be or what we want. Yoga asks, however, that we simply see and report things as they are, no matter how we feel about it. As we practice Satya, we can begin to notice when it is that we feel inclined to twist reality in our minds. Frequently, this is in moments fear, anxiety, desire, or pain. We can learn to recognize these patterns and address the deeper conflict we are feeling, instead of hiding it behind dishonesty.

Satya is essential for any business to operate. We are committed to truthful, timely, open communication with our customers.

3. Asteya (Non-Stealing)

Asteya is not just about the obvious practice of non-stealing material objects or money. Asteya is also about not stealing or misusing the time, emotional energy, and personal information of ourselves and others. When we suck the energy from our friends and loved ones, we are both draining the people we care about and committing a disservice to our own ability to take care of ourselves.

Asteya is an important Yama for business because it asks that we not take from our customers without giving back. When you buy our products, we’re asking you to join our community and learn with us. Our products are made with quality materials and our community is run with love and passion for self-improvement. 

4. Brahmacharya (Sense Moderation)

This Yama is all about being in touch with your senses so that you can balance them, enjoy them, and not get caught up in sensual satisfaction. When Brahmacharya was first written, it dealt a lot with our monogamous and physical relationships. But Brahmacharya is about more than that. Its about being secure with your inner self so that you are not at the mercy of addiction and validation from the outside world. Practicing discipline, moderation, and commitment to another person, career, or goal can help you train your mind to be aware of your desires and how to find inner joy with or without them.

We want everyone at the Yama Tribe to be able to use our products to reach your highest possible inner joy. The inner work is not something that any of us can do for one another, but it is something we can support one another in doing. That’s why our community exists and why we offer custom yoga products. So that we can support your inner work and you can go on to support others.

5. Aparigraha (Non-Possessiveness)

One of the most well known phrases to come out of yoga is, “All the things of the world are yours to use, but not to own.” This is what Aparigraha asks that we live by. Humans tend to seek possession of things and of others as a form of control over our lives. It helps us quell our insecurities and anxieties, but only temporarily. Relying on the possession of relationships, money and objects only deepens our insecurity and reliance on unending amounts of possessions. Instead, let go of this need and learn to rely on the security of inner self and inner love. Working on Aparigraha will lead to a healthier relationship with the people and things. You don’t need possession to feel whole if you build a strong connection between you and your inner self.

The Yama Tribe is a community and a business focused on yoga but we certainly aren’t the only ones. We’re part of a larger network of retailers who are committed to providing services and products that promote all of the eight limbs of yoga. So, we are committed to uplifting and supporting our entire community, not competing with it. An explanation of our philanthropic commitments and supported businesses is coming soon. 

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