Now more than ever it is so important to learn to focus and refine your center and your inner peace. Opting for a slow yoga flow and simplifying our poses sometimes is one of the best ways to challenge your mind to find stillness and recenter in the moment.

Conscious of the Moment

We are all living, collectively, in unprecedented times. Whether your life has been minimally or massively affected by the changes in day to day life thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is no question of the weight of these uncertain times pressing down on all of us in one way or another.

Finding consistent ways to exercise has been one of the most relatable challenges of transitioning to more time at home. So many of us are desperate for more sun, more sweat, and getting our blood pumping. Yoga is and always will be a great way to do that. But we also know that yoga is more than that.

Don’t be discouraged from finding stillness in your practice just because you find yourself resting or sitting more often in this new normal. Even while we’re laying around the house, our minds are racing between social media, news, stressful bills and work deadlines, etc. Finding mental stillness, especially when there is so much seemingly urgent information floating around us, accessible at any moment, is much more of a challenge, but equally important to physical health.

The Value of a Slow Yoga Flow

Choosing to be still and slow can be surprisingly scary for a lot of us. Feelings of frustration, boredom, anxiety, and other confusing emotions can boil to the surface, leaving us feeling unsatisfied.

But your brain is an organ and a muscle just like any other in your body and it must be rested. Sleep provides some of that, but conscious rest is also crucial. Slow yoga flows that encourage staying in gentle poses for multiple breath cycles and finding deeper length in the body, along with meditation, are great ways to achieve this.

Often, feelings that keep us from slowing down for a moment are coming from elsewhere in our lives. Perhaps we feel stressed about keeping busy during this time when everything we had planned is now cancelled or remote. Maybe we’ve been very anxious about our or our family’s health during all of this. Daring to find a conscious moment of rest can help us reveal some of these deeper anxieties and address them, instead of letting them fester and keep us afraid.

Some Guidance

So here are a couple videos of deliciously slow and thoughtful practices that we’ve used and loved from one of our favorite online teachers. Creating a new flow can be stressful for a lot of us– bringing up feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Following other people’s flows at first and finding out what you like can help you ease into creating a slow, simple flow for yourself without feeling lost or unsure of what a calming flow should feel like.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

What do you think of slow yoga flows? Are they hard for you? Easy? Hard because they’re easy? Do you think they’re helpful? What has your own journey been with slowing down? Let us know in the comments what you think of the videos we recommended, or any other thoughts you might have.