First things first: Hello, welcome, and thank you! Welcome to the Yama Tribe: a platform for sharing and connecting with other yoga practicers and a place to shop for custom yoga products. Thank you for finding and supporting our online community. If you’re just finding us, you can create a free Yama Tribe account here.

Creating the Yama Tribe

When we first started out, Yama Tribe was just an online store. All we knew was that we wanted to help people get custom, quality yoga products that would last through loving use. But we quickly realized that our vision was bigger than that. Yoga has never been about procuring material things. Its about connection, self awareness, growth, and forgiveness (to name a few). While our products are useful, we also realized that our business needed to reflect who we were as passionate yogis. And so was born the Yama Tribe community.

Joining Our Tribe

When you join the Yama Tribe, it means having an online forum to celebrate, support, and discuss fellow yogis across the world. Having an account allows you to save and track your custom designs. You can return to old ones, send them to friends, and share them in posts with the community. We try to post at least two weekly informational articles with relevant suggestions, prompts, and questions to engage with. You are also able to create and share articles about topics you’d like to discuss! Whether you need help with inversions, meditation mantras, or are totally new to yoga and looking for some general guidance, our community is here to support you!

Shopping Our Store

There is no purchase or fee necessary to participate in our community. However, if and when you are in need of new leggings, a beautiful new mat, or numerous other yoga products, we’re here to help you turn your designs into a reality. Most of our products are customizable, meaning they are completely designed by you. We handle the printing of your designs, and you get a professionally made product that is 100% unique to you.

So whether you’re looking to design or purchase some new yoga gear, find a community to support your yoga goals, or a little bit of both, we’re here to help you in any way that we can. Welcome to the Yama Tribe!