About Us

The first time I practiced yoga and meditation I was 12 years old at a summer camp. Stretching and sitting completely still for an hour every day was, shockingly, everyone’s least favorite activity.

I fell in love.

As life continued on, I always returned to yoga practice. Never intentionally– in fact for many years I rarely thought about the healing experience I went through during that class at summer camp. But when life became difficult, when I saw no answers, when I just needed to feel, my mat always found me.

From there, my practice and my love for this lifestyle deepened with every monumental breakthrough, every failed posture, and every earned moment of peace. 

The Yama Tribe was created out of a desire to help others find the same peace and purpose in yoga that I did all those years ago, and not hurt the planet while doing so. I want to be clear: you certainly don’t need material things to have a successful practice. Personalized yoga apparel and accessories are just another set of tools to help you along, like a block or blanket you place next to your mat. 

My first yoga mat was a light blue, polka dotted, cheap piece of foam I picked up from a Kohl’s with my mom before I left for camp. It said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” Arguably the worst mat I’ve ever used, but perhaps I needed to carry those words around with me, because they have echoed throughout my life every since.

I want to see more people practicing yoga, and I want to see more businesses dedicated to providing services and products that truly help people and our planet.

So 10 years later here we are, the Yama Tribe, doing our best. Providing custom yoga products to further the spread of yoga across the globe, constantly seeking ways to become more equitable and less wasteful, and hoping this can be a place for you to grow and share your love for yoga practice as well.